Some of the Completed Research Projects

  • Optimization of Computer Color Match Prediction Procedures with the Aid of Spectral Decomposition.
  • Reconstructing Metameric Black from the Color Coordinates by Using Neural Network and Spectral Decomposition Theory.
  • Reconstruction of Reflectance Curves based on Tristimulus Values using Interpolation Algorithm.
  • Evaluation of Geometrical Attribute of Automotive Coatings.
  • Investigation of the Correlation between Instrumental Measurements and Visual Assessments of the Gloss.
  • Evaluation of Unlevelness of dyed Textiles with Spectrophotometer and Scanner.
  • New Method for a Data Set for Fuzzy Color Naming and Application in Color Space.
  • Strategic Study of the Production of a Display.
  • Study of Optical and Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Coatings.
  • Designing a Colorimeter to Reconstruct Reflectance Curve of an Object.
  • Instrument dependency of Kubelka-Munk theory in computer color matching.

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